“Toxic masculinity hurts men, but there’s a big difference between women dealing with the constant threat of being raped, beaten, and killed by the men in their lives, and men not being able to cry.” — Robert Jensen (via blondeyed)

“Decided she’s gonna get some guy before she even finds him
And she’s got him where she wants him
But she can’t decide if she wants him” — U suck asshole


Untitled | by Victoria Bee

I just want to look like this.  Is that so much to ask?


This is the truest thing in my life right now.


Mouf in Brisbane

It’s not about being there for me,
It’s about respecting me enough to tell me why you’re not.
So I’ll just slip back into my sleep,
Because there’s a demon in my casket and I think that we’ve fallen in love.

And most nights,
I wish it was you.

” — Hotel Books.
Lose One Friend.
I’m Almost Happy Here. (via fuckyouwyatt)



I really need these.


i’m a person who often wants physical affection but is also very uncomfortable and particular about physical contact

“I promise I’ll love you forever
if you please just don’t make me
start now.

What I mean is, on some nights I miss you so much
that I never want to see you again.” — Ali Shapiro, excerpt from “If I Leave You Then Maybe I Won’t Have To Miss You So Much”  (via wzu)